Neobuild Ventures

Born from a Powerful Synergy

Neobuild Ventures is a revolutionary collaboration between two of Bengaluru's most respected real estate leaders – Mana Projects and Skanda. This union brings together unparalleled expertise in sustainability, innovation, and customer focus.

Founded on Mana's legacy of innovation and environmental responsibility, Neo Build Ventures embodies the ethos of creating spaces that feel like home. With over 29 projects and 8 million sq.ft. of space delivered, Mana brings unparalleled experience and a community-centric focus to the table.

Established in 2012, Skanda has carved a niche for crafting aesthetically pleasing and sustainable living spaces. With 10 projects and 2.5 million sq.ft. of space delivered, Skanda's reputation for excellence precedes itself.

Leveraging their combined strengths, Neobuild Ventures is embarking on an ambitious project – developing East Bengaluru's largest child-centric township. Spanning over 100 acres, this visionary project aims to nurture the dreams and aspirations of young minds. From high-street retail and leisure activities to lush green spaces and educational facilities, we're creating a city within a city.

A Collaboration By

In the bustling heart of Bengaluru, Mana Projects stands tall as a testament to innovation and environmental responsibility. Since 2000, they have been transforming Bangalore’s skyline with thoughtfully crafted spaces that seamlessly blend innovation and sustainability. Named after the Telugu word for “ours,” it embodies the essence of creating spaces that feel like an extension of home. Our well-organized market presence, strong and diverse portfolio, streamlined manufacturing capabilities and cost-effectiveness give us the edge to not just compete but rise above the competition. With many awards winning designs and community centric focus, Mana is heading forward for their new venture, a sustainable township.

Skanda, more than just a real estate developer, they are architects of dreams that seamlessly blend nature’s bounty with modern luxury. Established in 2012, Skanda has carved a niche in the Bangalore market with its signature style of crafting aesthetically pleasing and sustainable living spaces. With a name inspired by the Hindu god Skanda, known for his association with nature and war, the company embodies strength, resilience, and a deep connection to the earth. These values are reflected in every aspect of their projects, from the meticulously designed layouts and eco-friendly materials to the lush green landscapes that surround their communities.

Meet Our Partners

D Kishore

R Vijay Kumar Reddy

Sandeep Ramanolla

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